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Friday, July 30, 2010

Avatar (2nd Visit)

Grand Lake Theater

(Previously reviewed)

A while back my best friend Peter and I saw Avatar again, this time at the Grand Lake, as part of their 3-D film festival (celebrating the new 3-D projector in the main auditorium). Though you can recycle your 3-D glasses on the way out of the auditorium, if you hang on to them, you'll get at 50¢ discount on your next 3-D movie if you bring your glasses with you.

The Grand Lake's Egyptian-themed auditorium was the first to be equipped with a 3-D projector, though, so this gave me the chance to finally take some good pictures in there.

Some ceiling trim outside the auditorium.

Taken from the auditorium's screen, with Peter's image ghosted in the aisle.

The walls are stamped with these cool hieroglyphics.

Each wall has a beautiful mural stretched along its length, broken only by the faux-marble columns stretching to the ceiling.

A celestial lady stretches out beneath the balcony overhang.

These figures are actually embossed on the wall.

I start to feel like I'm in an ancient tomb decorated with gold. If you look too closely at any one design, imperfections in coloration or the shape of the mold start to reveal themselves; but at a distance, and taken in all at once, it is marvelous.

Looking forward from the back of the auditorium. The Egyptians, always afraid that their pyramids might burn down in the desert heat, were sure to keep fire extinguishers on hand.

Heading up toward the balcony (that's what my belly looks like these days).

A wider shot heading up to the balcony.

The auditorium isn't terribly long, so the balcony seats are pretty good. Still, I'd prefer to sit closer.

Looking from the balcony out toward the stage-right wall.

The roof sign lit up at night. Fireworks work their way up the sign and explode out the top.

The marquee lit up, advertising the 3-D film festival. Enough 3-D movies have been coming out that the theater has shown a 3-D movie continuously for about six months now.

This is really cool, advertising the organist.

I had posted earlier that the underside of the marquee had been repainted. Here it is all lit up.


Step Up 3-D

Wow. These people can dance. I haven't seen the earlier films in this series, but this trailer makes me want to watch them all. Who cares about the plot; the dance moves are absolutely amazing, making this trailer a thrill to watch. And in 3-D on the big screen, the trailer is extra cool. Those scenes of dancers lit up like Tron, or where the guy's shoulders are pivoting without his head moving, or when they sort of fall down on one leg but somehow magically levitate to an upright position again? I can't wait. 111 cuts.

Toy Story 3 (Trailer 2)

Surprisingly, not a very good trailer. We see the montage of Andy growing up, introducing the concept that the toys are afraid they are going to be discarded. Once we get to the daycare though it's just a jumble of silly scenes that do nothing to convey the good dialog or emotional moments. It looks good, but comes across as a movie more for kids than adults. We know better. 71 cuts.

Shrek Forever After (Trailer 2)

(Previously reviewed)


(Previously reviewed)
Just as good the second time. A visually stunning film. Sci-fi at its best, by allowing us to examine familiar issues, but under the guise of an alien world.

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