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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Spider-Man Unmasked

The release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 got me thinking about all the different people who have played our friendly neighborhood wall crawler over the years. The chart below weights each actor's time in the spandex by the duration of the movies and television series in which they appeared.

If the actor portrayed Spider-Man and/or Peter Parker in at least one scene of the movie/episode, the actor gets credit for the entire duration of the movie/episode. I calculate 44 minutes and 22 minutes for hour-long and half-hour shows, respectively, with the exception of The Electric Company, which I estimate at 6 minutes per skit.

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  1. Spider-Man is such an awesome character. I'll probably reveal my ignorance in the history of characters but I like to think he has actual unique abilities. It seems with super powers you either fly or you don't, you're either strong or you're not. Spidey is nicely in between, he can't fly but he can swing but more importantly he can stick to the walls and sides of buildings. Makes it so he can "hover" unlike other non flying characters. And while he is strong and incredibly agile he has the Spidey sense to take him over the top. I love the sounds they choose in the movies to potray that power in action.

    Speaking of sounds and the movie, a quick discussion of AS2 which should be spoiler free, the music in this film is pretty awful. While watching it a second time I noticed a few action scenes where I thought the music was goofy and uninspiring. This is sad turn since I recall thinking the music in the first AS was so incredibly good and one of the reasons I elevated it above the original trilogy. Then again it was usually the music played during the relational aspects of the film so maybe they kept those segments in the sequal.

    I also like that they show Spidey sleeping by clinging to the ceiling. Not sure why that would be more comfortable but it was fun.